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NAVI is a web-based mobile communication solution with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and an easy to manage administration dashboard.

NAVI leverages existing and emerging technologies to build a better communication platform. It allows the patient to navigate their appointments and communicate with their care providers all from their mobile device for a comfortable, and intuitive patient experience.

Patient Engagement Like Never Before


NAVI accesses the patient’s information (clinical and non-clinical) from your organization and presents it to the Patient for any corrections or updates. The information is then reviewed during pre-admissions for approval and is entered in as discrete data to the EHR. The information can now be directly available within the patient's chart.

Accurate Information

Administration Dashboard


Secure Information

Bluepoint2 works with your team and your Electronic Health Record vendor to ensure that the communication between NAVI and the EHR follows FHIR standards and/or any other standards that will satisfy all parties involved. chart.


Proactive Notification

NAVI proactively sends critical healthcare information to the patients scheduled for appointments, presents the patients with the forms they need to verify and update prior to their medical visits, communicates expectations and shares relevant content regarding their care before and after their appointments.

All of this can be done from their mobile device!

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