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We believe better communication leads to better outcomes in healthcare. Our passion and mission are to create and facilitate better communication between patients and care providers;
it’s that simple.


Creating a typical “journey map” for patient care can help identify those gaps. Then communication solutions can be designed to make sure the appropriate communication 

takes place.


Relying on phone conversations and emails alone may not be sufficient and could cost your practice time and money and put patients at risk. It’s important to create a communication strategy using technology that is reliable and effective.

Identifying potential gaps in patient / clinician communication.



Pre-Admission information collected.

Day of surgical procedure.

Recovery and discharge.

Continuing care, follow-up

visits and bill pay.

  • Proactively send critical healthcare information to the patient.

  • Easily collect and verify critical patient information pre-visit.

  • Comfortably assist in assessing a patient’s condition remotely, providing documented triage to caregivers.

  • Facilitate telehealth as well as on-site doctor appointments.

  • Send and manage patient experience and satisfaction surveys.

  • Reduce workload by automating much of patient-clinician communication while documenting the entire process.

  • Simply manage patient payment options for all their providers from their mobile devices.

NAVI can...

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Possible Disconnect!

Confirmation and information for the appointment requires a reliable form

of communication in order to begin

the treatment process.


NAVI makes it easy to collect and confirm the information needed
to keep the appointment and
begin the treatment process.

Possible Disconnect!

A failure in communication
prior to the procedure can lead
to delays or cancellations on the day of surgery.


NAVI ensures the patient 

has followed instructions so 

there will be no delays or 

cancellations on the day of surgery.

Possible Disconnect!

A failure in communication during recovery can result in an unnecessary risk to the patient.


NAVI can automate much of the communication needed during recovery to avoid unnecessary
risk to the patient.

Possible Disconnect!

A failure in communication
about continuing recovery can
put the patient at risk and may delay revenue collection.


NAVI enables communication about continuing recovery and provides payment options right on the patient’s mobile device.

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