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  • Text-based, pre-appointment insurance collection allows your office to see more patients.

  • Patients click the link in your text message, snap a photo of their insurance card and they are done.

  • Their card image will then be sent to you through HIPAA and HITECH compliant web services.
    It’s that easy!

Better patient experience allows your office to see

more patients

Proactively collect insurance information

Save your employees time making phone calls by collecting information before the appointment.

NAVI Marketing and continuous education

Keep your patients up to date with your practice, new products, and the latest trends in eyewear.

Staying connected with your patients will keep you top of mind for any eye care-related issues.

NAVI makes it easy to collect vision insurance, driver’s license, and other patient information before the appointment.  

On the day of the appointment, your patient arrives all ready to be examined.



NAVI sends appointment reminders, GPS directions, and any other relevant instructions needed for the appointment.

Appointment confirmed.

After the appointment, NAVI proactively provides follow-up communication, educational content and any needed notifications before the next appointment.

NAVI•Marketing informs patients about your services and new product offers.

Schedule an Online Interactive Demo

Efficient and timely communication with NAVI.

NAVIServices provides accurate insurance information collected from your patients before their appointment.


Using our proprietary NAVI•pal software, their card image will then be sent to you through our HIPAA and HITECH compliant web services.

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