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Communication is the key.

We believe that better communication leads to better outcomes in healthcare. Our passion and mission are to create better communication between patients and care providers

– it’s that simple.

Introducing NAVI Services

NAVI Services provide patient scheduling, appointment follow-up, and accurate insurance and medical history collection from your patients.


Using our proprietary NAVI software, we deliver it to your staff through our Administration Web Portal.

  • Spend less time on the phone! – Save time and free up staff for more important responsibilities. 

  • Get accurate patient information faster – Do away with paper forms and reduce the errors they can cause.

  • A better patient experience – A streamlined process that will reduce wait times for patients in the lobby.

In The News

Bluepoint2's product NAVI received The Healthcare Tech Outlook Top 10 Patient Communication Solution Providers of 2020. Click the button below to read the story.

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Better communication starts with NAVI

NAVI allows patients to navigate their healthcare appointments and communicate with their care providers from any mobile device.

Navigating your healthcare should be as easy as one tap or swipe on your mobile device.

Founder of bluepoint2

Liderman Duin

Healthcare communication for a mobile world

With NAVI you can...

Experience the power of mobile messaging for faster, more accurate communication to improve the patient experience.

Healthcare providers are increasingly adopting mobile messaging.

More people than ever prefer communicating through mobile messaging, especially when it comes to healthcare information. Care providers can use texting to communicate with patients in a more personal way through all the key touchpoints of the patient journey. 


Increased online patient involvement
can result in a 90% satisfaction rate
for both patients and physicians.

One example of the economic impact of inefficient communications in Healthcare.

Admission time graphic.png

Admitting one patient takes about 51 minutes, of which an average of 33 minutes or 65% is lost due to inefficient communications.

This translates into an annual loss of about $728,000 per U.S. hospital.


is the one key element that has a part to play in every area of the patient experience.

Watch this short video to learn how NAVI can help your organization.

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