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"If you engage your patients, you will be shocked by how willing they are to participate in their care. They'll surprise you with how loyal they will become to your organization."

Jon Adrian

SVP, Patient Experience

Patient Engagement Like Never Before


NAVI gets the patient’s information (clinical and non-clinical) from the Hospital/Clinic, presents it to the Patient for any updates. Updated information is reviewed during pre-admissions and at nurse’s approval, It's put in as discrete data to the EHR. The information can now be directly available within the patient's chart.


Patient communication for a mobile world



Allow your staff to easily communicate with your patients

through our user-friendly admin view. Staff can send alerts, view appointments and see actions taken by patients. 

Give your patients the power to navigate their medical appointments from any device. Patients can update medical information, view appointment information and make payments.


To streamline communication with patients prior to their appointments. NAVI's automated registration frees your staff from the hours typically spent trying to contact patients. 


NAVI fills the gap between the doctor who has all the patient information, the hospital that needs that same information and the patient who needs to verify it. 


With seamless data exchange between the doctor's office and hospital, NAVI eliminates redundancy for caregivers and patients. With full EHR integration, NAVI updates the patient record as structured data. 

Navigate your payments

73% of consumers have

heard of or made payments

using a Smartphone.

The PEW Charitable Trust

$189 Billion

in mobile payments projected in 2018.

Business Insider

58% of smart phone users

made a mobile payment in 2016.


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